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Analog + Digital

Gillian loves traditional medium format film photography, and loves opportunities to photograph with it. Medium format film, larger than the standard 35mm that most of us would be familiar with, offers amazing advantages in terms of detail, tonal range, and that extra je ne sais quoi that you can only get with film. We can create high quality fine art prints based on those negatives.

We also know that a modern wedding demands high speed, responsive, but still high quality images. So we have decided to combine both in a way that we feel is unique, as an option for your wedding coverage. The photojournalistic aspects of the day will always be covered with our professional digital SLRs. During portrait sessions we can optionally combine digital photography (Jean-Marc) with medium format film (Gillian), for a unique take on your wedding day, with both fine art film prints and modern high speed digital photos providing a truly timeless keepsake.