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About the Studio

Studio Lumen is a full service wedding and portrait photography studio, located in (but not limited to) the Calgary area. Offering a wide range of services from full coverage on your big day to civil, small, or elopement weddings, we are excited to cover your event in the vibrant Calgary area, and beautiful locations beyond. Studio Lumen is owned and operated by Gillian Williamson and Jean-Marc Robin, two wedding photographers with 10 years of experience each, who migrated here to enjoy the natural beauty and the exciting lifestyle in the region.

Jean-Marc Robin grew up playing with cameras, but only realized that it could be a career after 10 years studying and working in engineering. In 2006, while still finishing his Masters in Aerospace Engineering, and following a chance encounter with a team from a well known Toronto photography studio, that his wedding photography career began (and the writing was on the wall for his engineering career). Jean-Marc progressively graduated from assistant to lead photographer, at which he discovered he was quite adept. Having spent three years doing a Masters that he didn't particularly enjoy, pursuing wedding photography seemed like a good way to go. Along the way to this realization, Jean-Marc travelled whenever he could, and saw as many mountainous areas as possible, which included visits to the Canadian Rocky Mountains. This eventually lead him to embark on a move to Calgary, where when he’s not busy with Studio Lumen, he is out in the mountains, photographing nature and its inhabitants (including his friends and family).

Gillian Williamson's passion for photography began with her beloved grandparents, both of whom were avid hobbyist photographers. After her grandfather passed away in 1999 she received his film camera and was officially hooked. By this time she was pursuing a business degree but the camera called to her and she promptly switched to the photography program at Sheridan College. Upon graduating, a teacher put her in touch with a Toronto-based wedding photography studio where she honed her skills over the next ten years. During this time she came to realize a love of nature and the brilliance of the huge skies and bright light of the prairies. The Canadian West beckoned and in late 2015 she made the move to Calgary, bringing along her precious Bronica and Linhoff medium and large format cameras, with her eye to the big sky.

Gillian and Jean-Marc have joined forces to form Studio Lumen. They are excited to be a part of the Calgary wedding and lifestyle photography market. For a detailed description of what Studio Lumen can offer, please have a look at the Services page, or get in touch for a brochure.